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Congratulations Jenny !

Jenny What a difference a year can make. Before I started using Ronaxil, I thought that being overweight was just how I would have to live. I had pretty much just accepted myself the way I was, and was going on with my life, such as it was. I was unaware that my weight was having an effect on my health until I was diagnosed with Diabetes. When my doctor informed me that I was going to have to change my life to manage my health, the first thing that I decided to change was my weight. I searched and found Ronaxil, and the rest fell into place. I lost the weight I needed to in order to fight the Diabetes, (over 50 pounds!) and I implemented the diet and exercise plan that my doctor recommended. Since then, I have never felt better! Thank you so much Ronaxil, you practically saved my life !

- Jenny P.

Congratulations Catherine !

Jenny This is how I looked for way too many years than I want to think about. It was awful; I could barely function, let alone be an active, energetic woman, which is what I really wanted to be. I wanted to play with my kids, and have fun with them. I wanted to go running, and I wanted to dance the way I did when I was in school. I could not do any of those things. Not until I discovered Ronaxil that is. Now, I am not only active and healthy, I am gorgeous and I owe it all to Ronaxil! During the 6 months that I have been using Ronaxil, I have lost over 100 lbs, and I refuse to tell you how many dress sizes (let's just say a LOT!) Everything about my life is different in better ways. My kids are enjoying time with me because I can actually play with them now! I am more grateful to Ronaxil than I can even say.

- Catherine L.

Congratulations Charly !

I think that in this first picture, I was at the heaviest I have ever been. And my wife was scared that I was practically courting a heart attack or a stroke. She found Ronaxil, and kept at me until I agreed to try it for a month. I did, and in that first month, I lost 28 pounds. Since then, I have dropped an additional 90. In the 7 months that I have continued to use Ronaxil, I am much healthier than I was and my wife is much happier. Thanks for everything Ronaxil.

- Charly C.

Congratulations Christina !

I am Christina W. and before Ronaxil, I was so unhappy that I suffered severe depression caused by my low self-esteem. My husband could barely look at me, and our marriage was almost over. I had to do something, I could no longer live this way, and I had even considered drastic surgical methods to help me lose the weight I wanted to. But lucky for me, I found Ronaxil first. It has been 4 months since I first began using Ronaxil, my depression is gone, and so is close to 40 lbs. I am now a much stronger, healthier woman, and my whole life has improved because my outlook improved. Even my marriage is better than ever, and my husband cannot keep his hands off me! I am loving every minute of it! Thank you Ronaxil!

- Christina W.

Congratulations Andy !

I started using Ronaxil when I just couldn't stand to look in the mirror any more. And when just mowing my lawn would exhaust me so bad that I would have to sleep for 3 hours just to recover. I don't even have a big yard, which makes it even more funny. But with Ronaxil, I lost more than just the extra 60 some pounds that I'd been dragging around. I also lost the breathing problems, the fatigue, and the chest pains. I would probably have keeled over one day while cutting the grass, but now that chore doesn't even wind me.

- Andy P.
Congratulations James !
Wow! Who is that scary looking guy? Was that really what I looked like?
I am much happier looking like this! It took some time, a little effort, and a whole lot of determination. But the results are worth it. Ronaxil as a product is the best there is, and Ronaxil as a community cannot be beat. Every one helps each other and that helps a lot, thanks Ronaxil and everybody at the site!

- James D

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